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2023 The Texas Tenors Fan Cruise!!! The FAN-tastic Adventures of the TTT Traveling Necklace!!!

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

It's The FAN-tastic Adventures of the TTT Traveling Necklace Ya'll!!!

The TTT Traveling Necklace represents ALL of us fan cruisers and everyone gets to be a part!!! Each pin on the necklace includes the 3 initials of the cruiser and the state they are from.

How can you get added (if I haven't already added you from Facebook)? Just leave me a comment below with your name, 3 initials and your state. Please include everyone's information from everyone that is in your cabin! I'll respond once I have you added! Ya'll know I've got a list!

As of July 8th, we have added 192 cruisers from 31 states!!! How AHHH-Mazing is that? Absolutely can't wait to see how much of the good 'ole USA we can cover!!!

The TTT Traveling Necklace is making its way across the country and meeting lots of fans!!! We hope to see you soon!!!

To see all of the pics and keep up with the TTT Traveling Necklace, check out our The Texas Tenors Fan Cruise 2023 Facebook Page:

Lastly, we do have plans for the TTT Traveling Necklace on the cruise. Definitely more to follow on this...

Hope ya'll are as excited as I am!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

Let me know if there are any questions at all!


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Lenore Millspaugh
Lenore Millspaugh

Lenore A Millspaugh and Patti S Haney (Lifetime Members)

LAM, Texas

PSH, Texas


The Texas Tenors Fan Club
The Texas Tenors Fan Club

@Barbara Becker I'm getting you and Pamela added now!!! Thank you!!! ~Jeanie


Barbara Becker
Barbara Becker


Barbara Lynn Becker - California

Pamela Cyone Madrid - Oklahoma

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