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2023 The Texas Tenors Fan Cruise - Door Decorating Contest Finals!!!

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

WOW!!! Did we have an AHHH-Mazing time on our FAN-tastic 2023 The Texas Tenors Fan Cruise or what?

Here are the finals for our incredible Door Decorating Contest!!! Allure of the Seas definitely knew we were aboard!!!

1ST PLACE WINNER: Brenda & Rex Bennett

2ND PLACE WINNER: Cindy Wise & Denise Miller

3RD PLACE WINNER: Patty Rucker & Katy Oldham

Who Let The Dogs Out Award: Barbara Roland & Kimberly Buresh

3 Bottle Band Award: Michelle & Wendell Talbert

Minimalist Award: Karen Nielsen

The Tenorettes Award: Pam Banks

TTT Cruise Showtime Award: Bev Ryan & Barbara Trammell

TTT Stetson Award: Karen Gibb & Gail McKinion

Shriners Award: Dianne & Louis Beatty

TTT Angels Award: Dave & Judy Lucien

The Tayleigh Award: Tayleigh, Candy and Tab Lyne

Underneath the Caribbean Sky: Wanda Soares & Laura Sayers

Congratulation to all of our winners!!! Ya'll totally ROCK!!! ~Jeanie

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