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2023 The Texas Tenors Fan Cruise!!! It's RCCL Online Check In Time

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Alrighty then ya'll, we are getting close!!! Online Check In officially opens on both website and on their Royal Caribbean Official App DECEMBER 29th!!!

Here are a few tips for using the RCCL Official App for our Online Check In process for our cruise!!!

First, you'll want to make sure your cruise has been added to the App. Click on the "PROFILE" option top left. Our cruise should be listed:

After you've confirmed that your cruise is added, click on the middle option for your "PLANNER/CALENDAR" screen. Here you will see the option to "CHECK IN" at the bottom of this screen.

Once you click on "CHECK IN", you'll need to complete the 1st (2) sections, "TRAVEL INFO" and "ARRIVAL TIME".

"TRAVEL INFO" will require you to enter your passport information, photo to be used by security, contact information, emergency contact, and payment information.

"ARRIVAL TIME" will allow you select your boarding time window.

Please note that we will be passing out t-shirts and cruise goodies in the Brilliance Conference Room (Deck 3 Forward) from 1:30pm - 3:30pm so there is plenty of time whatever time window you select. Additionally, the majority of the Muster Drill is completed via the RCCL App. Mandatory attendance is no longer required. See more below.

Once these (2) sections are completed, you'll know see the option to access your "VIEW SETSAIL PASS" at the bottom of the screen. Your "HEALTH" option will be completed the day before our cruise.

Click on "VIEW SETSAIL PASS" to view. This is what you'll show the agent when checking in at the port.

As mentioned earlier, you'll also so the option for "SAFETY" at the bottom of the "PLANNER/CALENDAR" screen. This you'll complete day of our cruise. You'll need to watch the videos and then once on board ship, check in with your Muster Drill station.

Let us know if you have any issues at all. If you are not checking in electronically, please make sure and reach out to Adeleman Discoveries via their group email address, for assistance.

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