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2023 The Texas Tenors Fan Cruise

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Who's ready for an AHHH-Mazing adventure with The Texas Tenors?

All of the details are noted in the link below. To take advantage of all of the the fan events on board, you will need to book your cruise through Sandy Birkbeck with Adelman Discoveries at (800) 339-7781; (559) 244-6600 or by email:

What is included as part of your cruise package:

  • The Texas Tenors Private Concert

  • The Texas Tenors Private Q&A

  • The Texas Tenors Private Meet & Greet

Important: While we would love to have everyone sign up, you do not need to join the fan club

YES, we do have even more FUN planned!!!

  • Door Decorating Contest

  • Theme Nights

  • Casino Fun

  • The Texas Tenors Traveling Necklace

  • and SOOO much more!!!

Additional details will be coming shortly so WE CAN ALL START PLANNING!!!

More definitely to come!!! SOOO Excited!!!


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