Time To Go To Work Again Fan Club! The Texas Tenors New PBS Special “RISE”!

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Hi Everyone!

It’s time for The Texas Tenors Fan Club to go to Work Again!

The Texas Tenors new PBS Special “RISE” made it’s debut in August and we have had incredible response!  It’s time for us to work again to make sure it is broadcast nationally in Nov. & Dec.!

PBS affiliates are managed at a local level and are responsible for the programming that they will air including their pledge drives which they usually have 4 a year.  The next drives for most stations will be in the November / December timeframe.

For “RISE”, affiliates will also take a few other things into consideration such as on set visits by The Texas Tenors during airing, tickets to their concert as part of the promotional offering for donations, etc.

HOW CAN WE HELP?  Call your local PBS station and tell them you want to see The Texas Tenors:  RISE! 

You can find all of your local affiliate’s contact information using the following link:  Find Local PBS

As many of the affiliates are starting to look at their programming for Nov. & Dec., here are a few responses you may receive when contacting them:

If PBS responds that they have not heard of “RISE”…

Please let me know and we will follow up with station.

If PBS responds that it is not scheduled..

Ask them what can be done to get it scheduled?  Let them know how excited you are to see TTT’s new special and have heard how incredible it is!  Remind them that TTT’s new CD of the same name debut on the Billboard charts at #1.  Ask how can we get confirmation once it is scheduled?

If PBS responds that they are waiting for a concert to schedule around…

Please let me know and I will forward the information accordingly.

If you receive any other type of response from your PBS station, let us know and we’ll be happy to work through the response for them.

Keep us posted on what you find out as we are tracking from the national level!

Last, use your social media!  Post, share and tweet away!  Always include your local PBS station.  Make sure and use the following handles and hashtags when you post: @TheTexasTenors @PBS @TTTFanClub #TTTRise #TTTonTour!  Reach out to me if you want/need help on your social media.  Not on social media?  Just tell all your friends and family!

For those who are on Twitter, here is a list of PBS affiliates and their Twitter handles:  PBS Listing Twitter Only

The full airing schedule is published on The Texas Tenors website The Texas Tenors: RISE and DVR ALERTS are published daily on the Fan Club’s Facebook page!

We want everyone to have an opportunity to see this amazing special!

Let us know immediately if there are any questions and THANK YOU!


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