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1967 Retrobuilt Mustang GT

Top 10 Billboard artist The Texas Tenors, known from the 2009 season of America’s Got Talent and their PBS Special ‘You Should Dream’ currently airing across the nation, often take a modern approach to singing the Classics. Now, they are taking the same approach to the automotive industry rebuilding the king of American muscle cars, the 1967 Shelby Mustang.  In 2015, JC Fisher of The Texas Tenors, will do the unthinkable and transform his 2011 Mustang into a 1967 Shelby.

Join this forum and find out which car show it will be at and stay up to date on the latest news…..

Before and After

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How I first encountered TTT

Share your story of how you first encountered TTT with other Fan Club Members here!

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Places you’d like to see TTT perform

Got a location or venue near you that you want to see The Texas Tenors perform?  Share your ideas and locations here!

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Songs you would like to hear TTT sing

Do you have a favorite song you think would be perfect for The Texas Tenors to sing?  Share you ideas here!

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Upcoming TTT concerts you’re going to see

Are you planning a road trip or a flight to see The Texas Tenors LIVE at one of their many upcoming shows?  Share and discuss your plans in this Fan Club Forum.  Be sure to come back and share you photos and experiences with other Fan Club Members after you go!